Kaching Protocol Token

What is $KCH?
The Kaching protocol token is no ordinary addition; it will play a pivotal role in driving the growth and enchantment of Kaching! With promotional emissions, we intend to elevate the protocol to new heights, creating an even more captivating experience for our valued users. 🚀🪄
Name: Kaching Protocol Token
Symbol: $KCH
Blockchain Platform: Cronos Chain
Token Contract Address: 0x4ddA1Bb6E378dCEf97bfF1057b6452615E86373c
Tokenomics Overview

Earn with $KCH

Stake & Reap Rewards with Ease: One of the most exciting ways to get more $KCH in your wallet is by staking it in our specially designed vaults. When you stake $KCH, it's automatically swapped to $xKCH, and you become eligible for some sweet rewards. It's like watching your $KCH stash grow while you relax. Check out this article to learn more about Kaching Vaults!
Base Yield: For a limited period of time, users with active $CRO stakings in Kaching’s liquidity pool will be eligible to earn $KCH token. Emissions will occur on a daily basis and are claimable on the
Padded Prizes: After all our initial $CRO subsidies have been distributed, we will subsidize prizewinners with $KCH tokens. This will be automatically airdropped to your wallet address.