🤝Ecosystem Partnerships

At Kaching, we believe that the path to success lies in collaboration and expansion. We are thrilled to announce that we are actively seeking partnerships with the Cronos chain ecosystem to embark on a journey of growth and innovation within the #CronosDeFi universe. Together, let's create a winning environment for everyone at Kaching! 🚀💫


To ensure a fruitful collaboration, there are a few key prerequisites for ecosystem DApps aiming to join us:

  1. Partners must pledge a minimum of $5,000 USD in CRO stakings to embark on this thrilling journey.

  2. Our mission is long-term success. Partners must commit to a minimum staking period of 6 months to be part of this exciting initiative.

  3. Security is paramount. Ecosystem protocols must have undergone a thorough audit, ensuring the safety and trust of our shared community.

  4. Kaching is all about genuine partnerships. Our team exercises discretion in choosing protocols that align with our vision and ethos, safeguarding against opportunistic endeavors.

A Rewarding Proposition

In the spirit of collaboration, we're excited to offer a rewarding proposition for our ecosystem partners. Here's the scoop:

Vested $KCH Allocation: As a thank-you for your partnership, Kaching rewards you with 5% of the total staking amount in $KCH. Imagine the possibilities – a $20K USD stake translates to a vested $1K allocation of $KCH.

Note: You will also earn 'tickets' similar to those obtained through direct CRO stake into Kaching.

Vesting in Two Phases: Upfront and Beyond:

  • 20% Upfront: Upon joining forces, partners receive 20% of their vested $KCH allocation, a token of our excitement to have you onboard.

  • 80% After 6 Months: We believe in sustained growth. After six months of thriving collaboration, the remaining 80% of your vested $KCH allocation is unlocked, solidifying our commitment to your journey.

Please note the reward is calculated based on market price – a fair and transparent approach.

How to Apply

Ready to seize this opportunity? We're excited to welcome you into the Kaching family. To begin this exciting journey, submit your proposal via this form 📝

Important Disclaimers

  1. Please note that stakes for partnership consideration are not automatic and require pre-review and alignment with the Kaching team. This ensures that we create meaningful collaborations that benefit both parties and our respective communities.

  2. Tokens offered as part of the partnership will be paid at market price. The first staking payment will be made one month after the official launch of the Kaching protocol token.

  3. Our partnership agreements are crafted with care to safeguard the interests of all parties involved. We prioritize transparency and fairness to build a strong foundation for our joint endeavors.

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