🎊Kaching Draws

The Draw

Discover the excitement of winning by heading our Joining page.

Here, the enchantment unfolds as you play our delightful animation, and Kaching diligently checks if you're among the lucky winners. Brace yourself for the reveal - the suspense is electrifying! ⚡🎰

Claim Your Rewards

Ready to embark on an exciting journey with Kaching? Let's dive right in and learn about claiming Your rewards! 🚀💰

Four Tiers of Prizes: What Awaits You!

We have four tiers of prizes for our participants. If you're lucky enough to be eligible, these prizes are yours for the taking!

When you claim your rewards, more tickets will be transferred to your wallet address, increasing your chances of winning even more! 🎁💫

Unclaimed Prizes

You can claim both $CRO and $KCH rewards directly on https://kaching.win/. If you decide not to claim the $CRO and $KCH rewards immediately after checking your win, do note that the tickets you are eligible to claim will not be credited to your account. Also, each prize has a 30-day expiry, after which, you will no longer be able to claim expired prizes.

You can claim them at any time by visiting the "Unclaimed Prizes" section at the bottom of the staking page whenever you're ready! 🔓🎁

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