💳Kaching Prize Claim Fee

Get Ready for Some Fee-tastic Fun at Kaching! 🎉💰

What's the Scoop? 🍦🎈

When you hit the prize in one of our daily draws, a teeny tiny claim fee will occur when you claim your prize in the form of CRO. But hold onto your hats because this fee is what keeps the Kaching magic alive and kicking! The fees will be used for community incentives in the future. 🎩⚡

How Does It Shake Out? 🤔💡

Now, we're all about fairness here at Kaching, so we've cooked up a fee structure that's as sweet as winning a big prize. Check it out:

Staked less than 5000 xKCH in 48-month vaults? The prize claim fee is 6%.

Staked 5000 xKCH or more in 48-month vaults? You qualify for a discounted fee of only 3%! This is your bonus for holding onto xKCH.

Note: No fees will be charged on KCH winnings.

Mark Your Calendars! 🗓️🎉

Circle June 27th 2024 on your calendar because that's when the claim fee kicks off. And guess what? We're making sure it's fair game for everyone by applying the fee retroactively to all unclaimed rewards. Talk about keeping things fair and square! 🔍🤝

Note: If you claim your prizes before June 27th 7AM UTC, there will not be any fees.

Let's Crunch Some Numbers 🧮🤓

Here's a couple of scenarios to wrap your head around:

  • Claiming on Fee Collection Day: If you snag a win on June 27th after 7AM UTC and cash in on the same day, expect a little fee deduction.

  • Post-Collection Claiming: Win a prize before June 27th after 7AM UTC but wait to claim it? The fee still applies when you claim your daily draw prize. 💰💼

Join the Fee-tastic Fun! 🎊🎈

We're pumped to embark on this fee-tastic journey with all of you. Together, we're not just playing the game; we're building a vibrant, sustainable community that's all about the thrill of the win and the joy of being part of something awesome. 🌟💖

So, get ready to bring your A-game because at Kaching, the fun never stops! 🚀🌈

Catch you on the winning side. 🎲✨

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