What is Mega Draw?

With Kaching every milestone unlocked, there will be the amazing Mega Draw reward waiting for the next Tier 1 winner! Once Total Value Locked (TVL) of milestones are sustained for 30 consecutive days, the milestone will be officially unlocked.

How to be eligible for Mega Draw rewards?

  • Stake CRO in Turbo account.

  • Stake a minimum of 500 xKCH in 48-month vaults prior to the Mega Draw announcement.

Note: 🔥 want to get full Mega Draw rewards? 🔥 Believe in your luck and stake 10,000 xKCH in the 48-month vaults.

Congrats to our Tier 1 winner! Your Mega Draw rewards will be distributed within 21 days after the milestone is unlocked.

  • 20% of jackpot will be sent to your wallet

  • 40% of jackpot will be placed in 6-month vault

  • 40% of jackpot will be placed in a 3-month vault

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