Stakings and Unstaking

With Kaching, you're always in the driver's seat! Stake, win amazing prizes, and pocket your rewards whenever you like. It's your journey, your choices, and your crypto fun, all in one place!
Rest assured that staking your CRO into Kaching is a safe process, and you will not lose any of your staked tokens during the journey.

Staking Your CRO

Claim Your Spot: To join the Kaching fun, start by staking your CRO (& WCRO) into the protocol. We'll mint "tickets" to your wallet, which will represent your proportion of CRO in Kaching! 🎟️💎
The staked CRO will be deployed to our yield-bearing strategy to generate yield, and the yield will then be harvested weekly to form our daily prize pool for the draw.

Unstake Your CRO

Choose Your Amount: You're in charge! Decide how much CRO you want to unstake. 💸
Your unstaking initiates a flow that will burn the corresponding amount of tickets! The CRO will swiftly return to your wallet upon successful unstaking of your tokens. Please note that burning tickets means you will not be eligible for the next draw!