💰Kaching Vaults

At Kaching, we're continually innovating to enhance the value of your $KCH holdings. Vaults offer an opportunity to grow your $KCH in a whole new way.

How It Works?

When you stake $KCH into one of our Vaults, your $KCH will be seamlessly converted into $xKCH. After the locking period ends, should you choose to harvest your rewards, the $xKCH will be effortlessly converted back into $KCH and sent directly to your wallet. Rest assured that you will be able to review the exchange rate before confirming your stake or harvest. It's a seamless process designed to make your journey with Kaching even more rewarding. In the case that you already have $xKCH, fear not as you will also be able to stake that directly as well!

Vaults and APRs

Kaching offers a variety of vault options with different locking periods. These vaults are designed to provide you with flexibility and reward potential, each offering unique opportunities to grow your holdings. As with most vaults, the longer the duration, the higher the APR. This is to reward the users with the most vested interest in the Kaching protocol and the $KCH token. You will always be able to see a real-time estimation of the APR on the vaults UI.

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