What are Base Draw and Turbo Draw?

Base draw and Turbo Draw are both daily draws which happen simultaneously and enjoy the same Base Yield APR.

Base Draw rewards are powered by Tectonic Finance and Turbo draw rewards are powered by Veno Finance. Turbo draw enjoys higher winning probability as it has higher yield! In the coming August, Base Draw will sunset and does not enjoy base yield rewards anymore. You are strongly recommended to migrate your CRO to Turbo Draw account. Higher yield, higher winning probabilities and happy life!πŸŽ† Don’t forget to claim your rewards within 30 days or it will expire.

How to stake in Base Draw or Turbo Draw?

Just simply go to the Kaching account page, connect your wallet and click stake to proceed the staking.

How to withdraw from Base draw and Turbo Draw account?

Base draw account: withdraw immediately without fees

Turbo draw account: get CRO after a 28-32 days unbonding period or get LCRO immediately based on current LCRO:CRO exchange rate.

How to claim rewards?

In the Kaching dashboard page, make sure you have connected your wallet. You will be able to see the winning history and simply click the β€˜Claim all’ button to claim your rewardsHow intuitive do you find the process of using Kaching's features?.

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