🏆After the Draw

The latest enchanting draw has come to a close, and the winners have claimed their well-deserved prizes. But what happens to your precious tickets after the magical event? Let's unveil the secret behind the fate of your tickets in the world of Kaching! 🎫🌟

Eternal Resilience: The Ticket's Journey

Fear not, dear adventurer! In the mesmerizing realm of Kaching, your tickets are more than just fleeting sparks of magic. They hold a timeless essence, for they are neither used nor consumed at any point in the protocol. With each draw, your tickets remain safe and sound, waiting for the next wave of enchantment to unfold. 🏰🌌

A Ticket's True Purpose: The Story Continues

As the bearer of a ticket, you possess a unique share of the CRO staked into the heart of Kaching. Every day, a new draw commences and the randomness allows you to try your luck once again!

The enchantment shall continue, keeping your ticket alive with possibilities until you decide otherwise. 🧙🌈

From Draw to Draw: The Timeless Journey

As long as the protocol runs as intended, you will always hold, at the very least, an amount of tickets that is equal to your current balance (which is the original balance minus withdrawals made). These tickets remain active indefinitely so long as your CRO is staked; it's the consistency and resilience that makes the magic happen! 🌊🏰

A Choice of Destiny: To Burn or Not to Burn

Your ticket's journey in Kaching is a story of choices. When you decide to unstake your staked CRO, your tickets will be burned and their time in Kaching will come to an end. Your CRO will subsequently be returned to your wallet. Again, please note that unstaking all tickets will result in you being ineligible for the next draw period!

Your ticket shall burn brightly, leaving a mark in the magical tale of your crypto adventure. 🌟🔥

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