🤔How the MegaDraw Works

Triggering the Mega Draw

Whenever the Kaching hits a milestone, the Mega Draw is activated with a value of $5,000 or $10,000 in KCH.

Prize Allocation

The user who wins the next Tier 1 prize of the Turbo Draw also wins the Mega Draw for the current milestone.

Combining Mega Draws

If multiple milestones are hit without a Tier 1 prize winner, the Mega Draw prize is combined for the next Tier 1 prize winner.

TVL Milestone Requirements

To maintain fairness and discourage short-term deposits aimed solely at winning the Mega draw, Total Value Locked (TVL) milestones must be sustained for 30 consecutive days. If TVL sustained in the past 30 consecutive days, any change will not affect or duplicate the existing Mega draw. For example, if a TVL milestone of 15M CRO is reached on 1 Jan, the TVL should remain no less than 15M CRO until 31 Jan. Falling below the TVL number during this period will void the milestone.

If the TVL has reached a milestone for a month and later on falls below the milestone and later on reaching the same milestone again, there will not be a duplicated prize.

Eligibility for Mega Draw Participation

  1. Staking Requirements:

    • Stake in Turbo account

    • Stake a minimum of 500 xKCH in 48-month vaults prior to the Mega Draw announcement.

  2. Proportional Winnings: Stake more xKCH, the larger the proportion of the Mega Draw winnings. Details in the below chart.

Mega Draw Rules

  1. Rolling Over Prizes If the winner did not stake at least 500 xKCH before the results were announced, the prize will roll over to the next Tier 1 winner.

  2. Minimum xKCH Staking Requirement: If a winner has not staked a minimum of 10,000 xKCH, only a portion of the Mega Draw prize will be available. The remaining prize amount will roll over to the next eligible participant. Details in Proportional Winnings above.

What if there are more than one Tier 1 prize winner?

  1. The number of Tier 1 prize winners equals the number of mega draw winners. If they have both invested >=10,000 xKCH in 48m vaults, the mega draw will be split evenly.

  2. If one of the winners stake less than 10,000 xKCH, then the user will get the proportion of half of the prize

  3. Examples: Mega draw prize: $10,000 xKCH

Winner AWinner BWinner C

Scenario 1

xKCH Staked



<500 xKCH

Megadraw prize winner received




Scenario 2

xKCH Staked




Megadraw prize The remaining will roll to prize pot for next winner




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