Unstaking Your CRO

Unstaking Your CRO in Base Prize Pool

Choose Your Amount: You're in charge! Decide how much CRO you want to unstake. πŸ’Έ

Unstaking Your CRO in Turbo Prize Pool

There are two methods to withdraw in Turbo Prize Pool which offers you incredible flexibility! Now Decide your favorite method! πŸŽ‰

Choose Your Kaching Way to Unstake

Withdraw CRO

Choose how much CRO you want to unstake. πŸ’Έ

Note that your CRO will undergo at least a 28 days unbonding period upon unstaking. The unstaking requests are being processed in 4 day batches. Resulting in the total unstaking time might go up to 32 days.

There will also be a small withdrawal fee of 0.2% on unstaked CRO charged by Veno Finance.

Note: Once the unbonding period is over, you can claim your CRO back on the Dashboard page. The rewards will be shown in the β€œCompleted” tab under the β€œUnbonding CRO” section. πŸŽ‰


  1. Where is the VENO if I choose to withdraw CRO?

Kaching team will store the NFT in our custodial wallet on behalf of the users who withdraw CRO.

Withdraw LCRO

Choose how much CRO you want to unstake and you can get the LCRO back base at the current CRO:LCRO rate immediately! πŸš€

You can earn additional rewards by providing the LCRO to an LCRO-CRO stable pool on VVS or Ferro.

Your unstaking initiates a flow that will burn the corresponding amount of tickets! The CRO will swiftly return to your wallet upon successful unstaking of your tokens. Please note that burning tickets means you will not be eligible for the next draw

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